Paul E. Schaafsma NovusIP, LLC
Paul E. Schaafsma NovusIP, LLC

Internet Patents and Internet Technology

Chicago Internet and E-commerce Patent Lawyer

If you have new technology on your website or an Internet business process that you want to protect, contact Internet and e-commerce patent lawyer Paul E. Schaafsma. He has 20 years of experience protecting intellectual property, a background that includes training and degrees in both electrical engineering and business, and notable, relevant accomplishments, including representing numerous Internet start-ups before the crash of the NASDAQ and the coordination of a Fortune 500 Manufacturing company's e-commerce patent initiative.

It used to be that venture capitalists encouraged Internet start-up innovators to protect their technology. They spent time and energy convincing these start-up companies they should patent these innovations to secure their monetary value and competitiveness. With the bursting of the Internet valuation bubble, Internet development has changed.

In the current "Web 2.0" Internet space, traditional corporations are utilizing the Internet to achieve "backroom efficiency", and old ways are becoming increasingly more efficient. With the abundance of Internet-enabled technology, companies are utilizing the Internet for business-to-business marketing, procurement, product design, and distribution, rather than relying on advertising revenues related to business-to-consumer sites. Without venture capitalists to encourage these innovators to protect this technology, many companies are leaving their Internet innovations open for competitors to copy. Internet patent lawyer Paul E. Schaafsma files patents to protect against Internet patent infringements and advises his clients regarding infringing Internet patents.

Patent attorney Paul E. Schaafsma concentrates his practice on the procurement, commercialization, and enforcement of technology rights. He counsels Internet clients regarding structuring, negotiating, documenting, and managing relationships related to technology, including licensing, acquisitions, joint ventures, research and development, marketing, distribution, and consulting.

Contact Chicago intellectual property firm NovusIP, LLC, for integrated, high quality, cost effective intellectual property services concerning Internet patents and Internet technology.

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