Paul E. Schaafsma NovusIP, LLC
Paul E. Schaafsma NovusIP, LLC

Software and Electronics Patents

Chicago Computer Electronics Patent Attorney

The software and electronics industries are among the most innovative of today. Know your intellectual property rights, and protect your innovation from imitation by filing a patent. Contact computer electronics patent attorney Paul E. Schaafsma for cost effective, quality intellectual property services concerning computer software patents and electronics patents.

Software patent lawyer Paul E. Schaafsma has 20 years of legal experience and extensive training and degrees in both electrical engineering and business. Noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • Management of U.S. and foreign intellectual property assets for a large ($900 million revenue; $20 million R&D) division of a major medical products company which produced sophisticated electronic medical products

  • Drafting and prosecution of more than 100 patents in technologies varying from high tech (radar) to high risk (casino games) to high finance (software)

  • Structure, negotiation, and drafting of agreements for a $5 million stock acquisition of electrochemical technology that included a significant field-of-use technology and patent license back to the seller

  • Divestiture of manufacturing assets of a consumer electronics client, which included an on-going, semi-exclusive contract manufacturing relationship

He has extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property law practice, including patent prosecution, patentability and infringement analysis, and client counseling involving a wide variety of technological products.

He counsels software and consumer electronics clients regarding structuring, negotiating, documenting, and managing relationships related to technology, including licensing, acquisitions, joint ventures, research and development, marketing, distribution, and consulting.

Contact NovusIP, LLC, in Chicago for patent protection for your computer program or electronic device.

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